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Paul Channon

Headmaster of The Ridge School, Johannesburg, and Chairman of Southern African Heads of Independent Schools Association (2008-2010)

Paul Channon

I think this book should be required reading for all parents of children starting high school! The book is written by two highly respected people who are on the frontline in terms of dealing with adolescent issues. The result is a no-holds barred look at the inner world of adolescence with all its life-changing potential for good or bad. Parents are clearly shown how their approach can help or hinder the task of preparing their teenager for being ‘a responsible and well integrated adult for society’. The case studies vividly capture the tough issues facing our young and offer parents a way through when difficulties arise, as they undoubtedly will. The common sense refrain of the book is first ask whose problem is it: the adolescent’s, the parent’s or the school’s? We would all be doing the next generation a big favour if we shared the philosophy of parenting that is so meaningfully shared in “Adolescent Storm”.


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